Our company is built on solid relationships secured through our results-based approach. You've made the investment, let us do the rest.

Draycor is able to provide our clients with a comprehensive construction package. Our scope of services range from land development and road building to the installation of municipal infrastructure. Our projects have encompassed initial subdivision layout, site preparation, service installations, and residential and commercial building construction. We are fully bonded and carry all the necessary licenses, insurance, and other regulatory requirements. We'll think ahead so you can relax.

Investing in new equipment is critical to our operation. Modern equipment and vehicles help us eliminate downtime to remain focused on the task at hand. Because our projects are varied in their size and complexity we have expanded our assets to include all the heavy machinery, vehicles, and tools we would ever need to get the job done right.


Each and every employee is committed to the highest quality of construction and workplace safety


Our designated reputation comes with the help of our partners — Vancouver Island’s most respected professionals.