Help Fill A Dream continues to be amazed by the level of financial support and the connection we make with those participating in Golf for Kids. We are grateful to Draycor for your donation of $50,000 to fill the Dreams of five children with life-threatening conditions.

It is exciting to learn of Draycor’s interest in being involved in making Kaleigh, Peyton, Sophie, Ethan and Poppy’s Dreams as magical as possible. We look forward to connecting with you to determine a meaningful way for Draycor to be part of the Dream process.

Thank you for your generous support of Help Fill A Dream.

Craig Smith, Executive Director
Help Fill A Dream Foundation

It takes something incredible to bring the house down at Golf for Kids on Event Night but Draycor did just that with your incredible generosity in stepping up and filling 5 “Dreams” on the floor at 10k each for a total of 50k.

Amazing and powerfully emotional all at the same time.

While most business’s want to give back to their communities, few take the opportunity to do so in such a significant way.

The “Kids” whose Dreams you have filled: Kaleigh, Peyton, Sophie, Ethan and Poppy, can be seen in the Dream cards below.

Thank you for your support.

Dale Douglas & Murray Stewart
Golf for Kids | Event Co-Hosts

all four with Grinch.jpeg
Kaleigh with HFAD sling bag.jpeg

Kaleigh has been on her Dream trip. She and her family traveled to California on Dec 27, 2018 and as you can see, it was an amazing experience.


Peyton spent a number of months in the hospital recently which delayed the planning of this trip. Good news is the family has just applied for passports and once they have them, the real planning can begin!


Sophie has been on her Dream trip. She and her family traveled to Florida on Dec 27, 2018. We heard that it was an amazing trip.

Ethan’s Dream trip currently on hold as Ethan has been hospitalized since October. We wish Ethan good luck and hope he can take that trip to Disneyland soon.


Poppy’s dream is to attend the 2019 Women's World Cup in France. Poppy and her family are booked! This amazing Dream trip takes place this July in Lyon, France.